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Book Reviews 

Penelope's Book of the Month-December 2019

A Widow's Journey-Relections on Walking Alone
Author: Gayle Roper

Have you or someone you know recently or not so recently lost a spouse?

A couple of years ago, someone I had met only once had just lost her husband and grieved openly on Facebook. A few weeks later, I attended Mount Hermon Writers Conference and learned that my first conference teacher had written this amazing book on "Walking Alone" after loosing the love of her life.

I bought a copy of A Widow's Journey and messaged my Facebook friend and invited her to lunch. Even though I felt a bit apprehensive, I offered her this gift. A few days later she sent me a message thanking me and to tell me Gail knew exactly how she felt.

A year later, I sat in a Bible study group where one of the members cried, in deep grief, weekly over the loss of her husband. I gave her a copy. A year later I ran into her. Her whole demeanor had changed. She now had a smile on her face. "That book really helped me and my children."

I sent the book to someone who still openly grieved after forty years. Her response was, "Finally, someone who understands me."

And the book freed a friend who believed that she should not have the feelings she did after losing her husband, but through A Widow's Journey found that her grieving was normal.

A Widow's Journey is a gift that will be appreciated, I promise. The book currently sells for less than $9 onAmazon.com.




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