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Book Reviews 

Penelope’s Book of the Month-January 2020

Overcome Depression, Strategies from Science & Scripture

Author: Margaret Lalich, M.S.,M.A.

Do you experience any degree of depression or know someone who does? Overcome Depression might be just the resource that could help now. The book is laid out simply in an easy to understand manner. All aspects of depression from the spiritual and scientific view are addressed but does not ignore instances when professional help is needed. The author explores the mind and body and how they work together in understanding and overcoming the feelings of depression. Each chapter provides clear simple strategies that can be easily implemented. I recommend this book for anyone who experiences depression or have a family member who does and those who counsel those affected.

If this book piques your interest, but you are not sure, google Overcome Depression on Amazon and peek inside the cover, review the table of contents, and read a couple of sample chapters. It might just have some answers to help you move into a happy more contented new year.





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