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Book Reviews 

Penelope's Book of the Month-July 2020

Editing Secrets of Best-Selling Authors


Author: Kathy Ide


A Must Read Resource for Every Author


Book Description:


Successful writers spend a lot more time editing than they do writing. They know that first drafts need extensive revisions to ensure their stories or messages come across clearly and effectively.


In this book you'll find a wealth of suggestions from best-selling authors who have studied editing techniques and implemented them in their books, which have touched the hearts and lives of readers around the world.


If you're an aspiring, beginning, or intermediate writer, this book will help you polish your manuscript and get it ready for publication. If you're an established author, these tips can help you edit other writers' manuscripts, either in a critique group setting or as an editorial freelancer.


After reading Editing Secrets, I am excited to share this must have resouce for every writer/author.

I know Kathy though my years at Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. The last day of my second year, she explained "tight writing." It still took a few months for me to get it. Tight writing is explained in Editing Secrets. 






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