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Book Reviews 

Penelope's Book of the Month-November 2020


Book: A The Book Lover's Companion


Author: Jo Massaro


Do you have an avid reader on your Christmas list?


Is your reading life is important to you? Preserve your impressions/record your journey/track your path through the library of your life.


Included in this book you will find a place to:


- List information on each book read

- Express your impressions and questions

- Record other books to be read

- Record book club reading lists

- Track borrowed books and loaned books

- Informational pages for book signing events


Included in this edition are recipes compiled from a collection of family favorites submitted by readers. Along with each recipe you will find an accompanying story, explaining the recipe's history.


Why didn't anyone think of this before? A wonderfully laid out book to record the books you read. Lines to record when you read it, genre, how you felt about it, if you would recommend, and more. There are some temping recipes to try too.

Pick up one for you and for yourself. I love mine.


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