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Book Reviews 

Penelope's Book of the Month-June 2021

When Twilight Breaks
Sarah Sundin 





Sarah will be speaking at People's Church on Saturday, June 26, 9-11 a.m. Tickets are $15 and can be bought on the website www.peopleschurch.org/tickets. You will not want to miss out.


This is Sarah's best work yet.


"Two Americans meet in 1938 in the heart of Nazi Germany. Their efforts to expose oppression attract unwanted attention, pulling them deeper into danger as the world marches toward war"-


Booklist Starred Review


Munich, 1938. Evelyn Brand is an American foreign correspondent as determined to prove her worth in a male-dominate profession as she is to expose the growing tyranny in Nazi Germany. To do so, she must walk a thin line. If she offends the government, she could be expelled from the country―or worse. If she fails to truthfully report on major stories, she'll never be able to give a voice to the oppressed―and wake up the folks back home.


In another part of the city, American graduate student Peter Lang is working on his PhD in German. Disillusioned with the chaos in the world due to the Great Depression, he is impressed with the prosperity and order of German society. But when the brutality of the regime hits close, he discovers a far better way to use his contacts within the Nazi party―to feed information to the shrewd reporter he can't get off his mind.


This electric standalone novel puts you right at the intersection of pulse-pounding suspense and heart-stopping romance.

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