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Book Reviews 

Penelope's Book of the Month-October 2019

Cotton—Forbidden Love, Forgotten Lies
Victoria Pitts Caine

I am excited to feature Cotton and this author. Victoria lives in Fresno, California and is one of my key writing mentors and the leader of my critique group.

Cotton is a fast-moving romance/mystery/suspense novel.

Running from a life of poverty, 16-year-old Cotton Ramsey escapes the Savannah River bottomland to New York. Twenty years later, she has changed her name and runs a large pharmaceutical company, which belonged to the family of her late husband. When Beau Simpson, her first love, arrives to deliver the news of her daddy's untimely death, the life she struggled to leave behind calls her home.

When you want something light to read and relax, Cotton is perfect. Well written and a surprise ending. Available on amazon.




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