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Book Reviews 

Penelope’s Book of the Month-January 2020

Overcome Depression, Strategies from Science & Scripture

Author: Margaret Lalich, M.S.,M.A.

Do you experience any degree of depression or know someone who does? Overcome Depression might be just the resource that could help now. The book is laid out simply in an easy to understand manner. All aspects of depression from the spiritual and scientific view are addressed but does not ignore instances when professional help is needed. The author explores the mind and body and how they work together in understanding and overcoming the feelings of depression. Each chapter provides clear simple strategies that can be easily implemented. I recommend this book for anyone who experiences depression or have a family member who does and those who counsel those affected.

If this book piques your interest, but you are not sure, google Overcome Depression on Amazon and peek inside the cover, review the table of contents, and read a couple of sample chapters. It might just have some answers to help you move into a happy more contented new year.





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A Thanksgiving of Gratitude.

Thanksgiving, a time to reflect on our blessings. In 2019, I co authored my first full length book, A Cry of the Heart: Human Trafficking, One Survivor's Story was published. There are many people to be thankful for in the success of this book.


I am grateful:


For Debra Rush who trusted me to write her story that has opened many eyes and shed light on Human Trafficking.


For my many mentors, my writing group, friends at Mount Hermon, and others who have encouraged me along the way.


For the authors and city leaders who believed in this project enough to endorse A Cry of the Heart.


For my husband, Larry, and his unwavering support.


For my daughter, Megan, my number one fan.


For my siblings and extended family. Your support in buying, reading, Facebook posts, and encouragement inspired me more than you can know. A shout out to my sister, Marsha, who is my number two fan.


For my many friends who supported the book through attending book signings and recommending it to others. And for the friends who helped when I needed them.

For Clovis Book Barn and Patio Cafe, where you can pick up a copy of A Cry of the Heart.


For Orloff's Jewelers for hosting the book signing in June.


For the many invitations for Debra or I to speak and allowing us to promote our book at your events.


For the supporters of Breaking the Chains who have helped in so many ways.


A special thank you to those who left reviews on Amazon and/or Facebook. Your words encouraged and Debra and I more than you realize. (It is not too late to leave a review on Amazon)


It has been a year to remember for this author. Thank you for being a part of it.


Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you.

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Penelope's Book of the Month-December 2019

A Widow's Journey-Relections on Walking Alone
Author: Gayle Roper

Have you or someone you know recently or not so recently lost a spouse?

A couple of years ago, someone I had met only once had just lost her husband and grieved openly on Facebook. A few weeks later, I attended Mount Hermon Writers Conference and learned that my first conference teacher had written this amazing book on "Walking Alone" after loosing the love of her life.

I bought a copy of A Widow's Journey and messaged my Facebook friend and invited her to lunch. Even though I felt a bit apprehensive, I offered her this gift. A few days later she sent me a message thanking me and to tell me Gail knew exactly how she felt.

A year later, I sat in a Bible study group where one of the members cried, in deep grief, weekly over the loss of her husband. I gave her a copy. A year later I ran into her. Her whole demeanor had changed. She now had a smile on her face. "That book really helped me and my children."

I sent the book to someone who still openly grieved after forty years. Her response was, "Finally, someone who understands me."

And the book freed a friend who believed that she should not have the feelings she did after losing her husband, but through A Widow's Journey found that her grieving was normal.

A Widow's Journey is a gift that will be appreciated, I promise. The book currently sells for less than $9 onAmazon.com.




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Penelope's Book of the Month-November 2019

Waiting for God-Trusting in God's Plan and Peace
A thirty-one-day Devotional

Author: Xochitl Dixon

As I prepared for the last workshop of the 2019 Mount Hermon Christian Writers conference, learning how to write devotionals wasn't on my agenda. My feet hur,t and I didn't feel like walking the long distance it would take to get the class I had chosen. Xochitl Dixon was teaching just s few feet away. Much closer. I decided to sit in.

I met Xochitl a few years earlier but hadn't known much about her. What I heard as she taught the class surprised me. Xochitl is a dynamic, transparent, and heartfelt speaker. I thought to myself, this lady could be a headline speaker at a large venue. I would even pay to hear her.

What are you waiting for God to do?

• A physical healing for you or a loved one.
• A child to return home.
• A marriage or relationship to heal.
• A work situation to change.
• A dream to be fulfilled.

Xochitl will guide you to wait, rest, pray, prepare, all without worrying. Personal and Bible stories are intermixed to encourage you. Xochitl's love for her readers is clearly felt.

Waiting for God by Xochitl Dixon.





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Penelope's Book of the Month-October 2019

Cotton—Forbidden Love, Forgotten Lies
Victoria Pitts Caine

I am excited to feature Cotton and this author. Victoria lives in Fresno, California and is one of my key writing mentors and the leader of my critique group.

Cotton is a fast-moving romance/mystery/suspense novel.

Running from a life of poverty, 16-year-old Cotton Ramsey escapes the Savannah River bottomland to New York. Twenty years later, she has changed her name and runs a large pharmaceutical company, which belonged to the family of her late husband. When Beau Simpson, her first love, arrives to deliver the news of her daddy's untimely death, the life she struggled to leave behind calls her home.

When you want something light to read and relax, Cotton is perfect. Well written and a surprise ending. Available on amazon.




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Penelope's Book of the Month—September 2019

Ten Little Night Stars

Written by Deb Gruelle
Illustrated by Gabi Murphy

I love this book! I love this author! I love this illustrator!

I met Deb Gruelle at a Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. Two years later she released Ten Little Night Stars. Since then, I have given this book to all the new mothers I know and make it apart of all baby shower gifts. The latest gift of two books went to my twin great nieces in Texas. The book has been a hit with new mothers.

Ten Little Night Stars is the 2019 winner of the Cascade (Children's chapter/picture books) award.

If I have given you this book, consider posting a picture of you or your child holding Ten Little Night Stars and/or a comment.




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Penelope's Book of the Month


Starting in September, I will be posting on my blog, Facebook, and other accounts, my book of the month. It will be one that I have read and feel confident that will speak to or entertain readers. Books of the Month will come from varying genres, some fiction and some not. I will write something about the author, how I know them, if I do, and what is special about the book. The author will be tagged so they know their book is being featured.

In addition, I will periodically promote on Facebook or write reviews on Amazon other books that may not be my picks of the month but definitely worth checking out. There are only twelve months but many more wonderful books to read.

What is my pick for September? I already know.


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Let's Talk

Welcome to my first blog post of Let's Talk.

I just co-authored my first book. A Cry of Heart: Human Trafficking, One Suvivor's True Story, Debra Rush with Penelope Childers. You will find my short stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Guideposts, and Focus On the Family.

My hope is to offer short posts that might interest and inspire you. This might include social issues, especially human trafficking, book recomendations, travel fun, even a writing tip or two and more.

What are the topics that interest you?

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