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A Cry of the Heart: Human Trafficking, One Survivors True Story

Forced into sex trafficking, Debra Rush makes a daring escape but struggles for years. A reluctant mentor supports Debra through the healing of her past. A commitment to save her friends leads to unexpected alliances. In forgiving those who betrayed her, she opens her heart and finds real love.



A Cry of the Heart

"Heart-wrenching, courageously transparent, fast-paced, and inspiring story of a survivor who becomes a victor and ultimately a warrior in the battle against sex trafficking. The hand of God is on Debra from the beginning."
                                                                                                             —Francine Rivers,
                                                                                     New York Times, best-selling author


"A Cry of the Heart is one of those unforgettable books about the most heartbreaking of topics—sexual trafficking. We know it happens, but we don't know those who it happens to. This book is that missing piece of the puzzle, and it takes us behind the scenes of this dark and evil practice through the eyes of Debra, a young woman forced into a life she never wanted or dreamed of. But that's not the end of her story. As her healing journey began, she is determined to reach back and help others out of a terrible life they never wanted or dreamed of, either. Read this book and you'll never forget."
                                                                                                                 —Susy Flory,
                                                       New York Times author or co-author of 14 books
                                                and director of the West Coast Christian Writers Conference


"Deserted by her mother as a baby, she doesn't see her again until she's five and spends the night with her mom—in prison. Even when her mother is free, men and drugs take preference over Debra. Her father tries to raise her well, and so does her grandma, but they aren't mom. And mom is the one Debra longs for. Dad is church and rules and such. Mom is men and drugs and excitement. So, Debra follows in mom's broken footsteps, all the way to selling herself on the street. But when she sees a video on sex trafficking, Debra finally manages to pick up the shards of her broken past and piece them together. She is a victim, just like her mother. But Debra is not like her mother. She is determined to break the chains that bind her, and to make a way of escape for others trapped on the streets. A Cry of the Heart will make you laugh, and it will make you cry. It will touch your heart, and then break it. Most of all, it will change you forever."

                                                                                                   —Kay Marshall Strom,
                                                  Author of over 42 books, most recently on social issues.

"A Cry of the Heart by Debra Rush is a riveting story of pain and degradation, of suffering and sorrow—but also of hope and redemption. Readers will follow Debra's story into the darkest places imaginable, then find their way out again as the light of God's love reaches out to Debra's heart and brings healing to her wounded soul. A tough read, but well worth the emotional investment!"
                                                                            —Kathi Macias (www.kathimacias.com)
        Award-winning author of more than fifty books, including Deliver Me from Evil,

        the first in her fictional human-trafficking "Deliverance" series.


"Debra Rush and Penelope Childers take the reader into the shadowy and perverse world of sex trafficking and into the light where chains are broken, and lives are set free. A Cry of the Heart discloses a message of truth in the world of darkness."
                                                                                                    —Victoria Pitts Caine
                                    Award winning author of Alvarado Gold and The Tempering Agent

"Penelope Childers captures the voice of this amazing woman and her phoenix-type rising out of trafficking. Riveting and informative testimony, yet tastefully revealed."
                                                                            —Julie B Cosgrove
                                                  ard-winning author of the trafficking suspense trilogy
                                                  Hush in the Storm, Legitimate Lies, and Freed to Forgive


"Debra Rush provides you first-hand insight into the underworld that is human trafficking. As a second-generation victim of this horrible crime, she provides a realistic and unique perspective of how young, innocent girls can get tricked into this life, and the violence that becomes their reality. She is raw, honest about her own experience as a trafficking victim, and incredibly articulate in describing the otherwise unbelievable hold that traffickers attain over their victims.
For anyone interested in the truth about Human Trafficking, this book is for you."

                                                                             —Lisa Smittcamp, Fresno County District Attorney


"Debra Rush came to the Fresno Rescue Mission out of her need for help and recovery. Over the time I have known her I have watched her grow spiritually and emotionally, coming to a place of healing in her own life and heart. She is a woman God has filled with passion and empathy for those who need help in becoming healed and made whole. I have had the opportunity to mentor her in her ministry of Breaking the Chains and had the privilege of seeing God's work in her life. She is one of those God has touched in a very powerful way, using her brokenness to bring wholeness to others".
                                                                            —Don Eskes, Former CEO, Fresno Rescue Mission